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  • If I Got A Tattoo – Smokey and the Arm Tat

    By dAn MCcAULEY on July 21, 2011
    We got a long way to go, and a short arm to get there. We gonna tat what they said couldn't be done.
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  • That’s No Moon, It’s Courtney’s New Tattoo.

    By dAn MCcAULEY on May 31, 2011
    Before George Lucas converts the Star Wars movies to 3-D, he should digitally re-master this tattoo.  In this scene, before actually tattooing Courtney, the tattoo artist will say, “You’re right, Han did shoot first, and even though I appreciate your devotion to creativity,  you should just get a barbed wire around your ankle.” Found on unrealitymag.com zp8497586rq
  • Ava-Tattoo

    By dAn MCcAULEY on May 24, 2011
    When James Cameron made Avatar, he didn’t make it so it would become the top-grossing movie of all-time. He didn’t make it to revolutionize 3-D technology.  He made it to give the people who always wanted a tattoo but could never settle on one, a reason to get some ink. “They had an amazing deal at Tat’s Entertainment that I […]